Frequently Asked Questions

What's Bitcoin ?

Bitcoin is a way to store and transfer funds, via the Internet, without a trusted third party. To achieve this, Bitcoin uses a list of all transactions completed called a 'blockchain' which is distributed on servers all accross the world.

To understand Bitcoin's operating principles you are invited to check the explanation page on E-mProvement : "What's Bitcoin ?". You can also check the presentation of Bitcoin's growth indicators.

How does Mubiz work ?

Mubiz registers, checks and introduces its users' submitted projects. Mubiz then publishes a Bitcoin's public address dedicated to the project's fundraising. When the project's imparted time is up, if it managed to raise enough to meet its goal, the funds are transfered to the project manager at each step of its realisation. If the project failed to raise enough to meet its goal, the money collected is transfered back to the public address of its backers.

Thus all of Mubiz's operations are public and auditable on Bitcoin's blockchain.